Jul 31, 2009

jom breakfast!


pagi ni, iBu da kekeringan idea nk buat breakfast utk en.aYah.. dsbbkn aYah kuar keje kul 7pg.. so I need to have something easy & fast.. so decided to prepare fish n chips...

tada.... siap..

ni plak ibu punye.. fish n chips plus hot chocomalt.. hehe..
erkk... alhamdulillah.. da kenyang! blh simpan perut smpai dinner terus.. hehe...


  1. boley tahan sampai dinner ker?? kalu saya takleh lar ..... hehe..

  2. sedapnyee...ala2 bekpes omputih gitu!

  3. kakyong masa bujang dulu suka masak mcm ni...

    tp anak2 tak suka lah mcm ni.. depa tak suka kentang wedges & baked bean tu...

  4. sedap nyer bekfas ni... simple jer.. tp sure kenyang ooo.. ala² western gitew

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