Jul 25, 2009

cuti seminggu...


1st, i want to correct some misunderstanding about the picture from the previous enty.. the picture of the fabrics is not mine actually, i found somewhere in the net.. i really love the fabrics to, but i really have no idea where to buy those yummy fabrics plus i have no money too.. hehe... so, plz don't get wrong that the fabrics is mine! its NOT ok!

2nd, 1 of my customer already received her parcels & write a special entry about my handmade bag! thanx a lot syahadah... hehe..

3rd, i'm off for one week starting today untill 2 August.. this is what my lecture said in her facebook:

To all my students (mainstream and Diploma Pendidikan) please be informed
that our Faculty is closed to curb the spread of H1N1 (27/7/2009 - 2/8/2009).
Dlm kata lain, cuti semester diawalkan lah.. so Happy Holiday and take care..

mmg la best kan cuti seminggu, sape yg x nk.. time keje dulu, cuti mcm ni la yg di cari2.. haha.. tp sekarang ni da lain.. bile cuti mcm ni WUJUD, pasti ade antara cuti2 yg akan diPOTONG.. sbg contoh, cuti raya kami sepatutnya 2 mingu, tp bile da seminggu cuti ni,means cuti raya kitorg tinggal seminggu je la.. tu yg x best tu.. syllibus pun da tungang terbalik, bnyk lagi chapter nk catch up, dgn assignment n presentation lagi... huhu.. pening gak!

tp bile tgk the best part, there is soo many thing yg berlegar2 di ruang kepala ku ini "apakah project yg harus aku lakukan sepanjang minggu"

-just stay at home with my 3 kids... so that, just concentrate buat kerja surirumah je.. kalo nk jahit pun waktu mlm je...

-sent my kids mcm biasa ke nursery n bb-sitter.. so that, blh puas2 jahit bnyk2.. haha...

-work at my previous company (they still have nobody to replace my position) bcoz next week is the peak time.. so that, boleh earn some money for 5 days!

-jaga anak2 kat umah, dlm mase yg same buat kuih n jual kuih.. haha... (reti sgt le buat kuih tu!!!)

so, still berkira2 which one is the BEST! my goal is: to bring back my daYini & get some money in one week!


  1. syahnur,
    kakyong tingin nak order beg satu dr nurul.. tp la ni pitih takdok lagi...
    so order dulu boleh... nanti dah siap kabo yer...

  2. kakyong, blh je... nnti sy buat je dulu beg2 bnyk2, da siap nnti sy tunjuk. kalo berkenan, nnti boleh beli je k!


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