Jan 23, 2008



This morning, ibu buat breakfast sandwich telur + french fries utk bekal ayah… before that, ayah got call from mak cu iqa (ibu’s sis) ask ayah to bring dayana to tok abah’s house… normally, mak cu iqa will come to our house in d’morning, & bring one of the twins, but this morning she got sport activities at school & need to go to school early.. actually its fine for us, & ayah also dun mind… it just ibu felt that we always menyusahkan org lain (even though they r ibu’s family) & ibu start thinking to hire a maid.. at least, kitorg x menyusahkn sesiapa lg coz ibu’s sis only 14 yrs old & nyang (ibu’s grand ma) already 80+ and of course it hard for them to take care of twins lebih2 lg kalo twins meragam & x sihat.. mak cu iqa, sibuk nk pi sekolah, nyang pulak da x larat nk dukung & pujuk2 twins… actually, ibu betul2 kesian dgn diorg…

Ibu felt that it so lucky become ayah’s bro (pak long), who got ayah’s sis (mak teh syarah) to take care of ariana (twins’ cousin), she strong & matured enough to take care & play with the baby & also stayed with them, so that ibu ariana not hurry to bring up & down the baby to the baby’s sitter everyday, can do breakfast & get ready for work without take bath the baby as well as not hurry take care the baby when cook for the dinner after work coz mak teh still can look after the baby at nite … but ibu, every morning need to hurry to wake up early to prepare the breakfast (but not every day, coz ayah understand ibu’s situation & he dun mind if ibu x sempat nk buat breakfast that morning) & taking bath for both twins (who else?? Other than ibu?? Ayah only take part on holiday & weekend.. thanx ayah), then during lunch, ibu will hurry to go back & feed both twins (otherwise, the didn’t eat until 6 o-clock, but, sometimes nyang will feed them if diorg meragam) & after woking hour, ibu also will hurry to bring back twins to our home, when reached home, ibu will hurry to prepare the dinner, sometimes tiwns will crying coz its time to feed them (they r huggry), but, nobody will take care of them, ibu will ulang-alik dapur-hall, every time diorg merengek… but yesterday, ayah came back early, so, ayah la yg melayan kerenah diorg sementara ibu prepare for the dinner, after finished cook, ibu take part & ayah took the bath, after ayah solat maghrib ibu will hurry to taking bath & solat… it was soo exhausted… I really wanna hire maid!!!!!!!!

Is it the rite solution?? Sure tok abah will hit & punch ibu… arghhh.. tidak… tok abah, is the one who really bangkang if ibu wanna hire maid.. coz he dun want his cucu look after by maid only IF it was one of our relatives… so, ibu wish both twins will walk early, so that ibu senang nk bwk ke rumah tok abah & hope they will be more independent & understand ibu’s situation…

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