Oct 28, 2011

i'm not suitable to be WAHM

anak2 semakin membesar...
they need more attention.. means less sewing n less online when i'm at home
more house cores to settle up... also less sewing n less online when i'm at home

so, bila
cuti seminggu...
rasanya boleh jahit bnyk2... tp bnyk kene layan anak2
rasanya boleh concentrate daily update on online bizz.. tp x sempat pun sbnrnye...

sy akui yg sy bukan WAHM punye type (w/pun last year pernah jadi WAHM for 6mths, but i still failed to manage my time wisely between kids n sewing n bizz).. sbb rasa mcm cuti seminggu adalah sgt berharga utk layan anak2.. huhu...
sy salute dgn sesiapa yg decided to be WAHM.. u guys rock coz can have a balance time between kids, business n house cores

mungkin sy hny layak menjadi PTSM (part-time sewing mom) hehe... :D

my supper active princess...


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