Oct 3, 2011

Flower Shower yg sgt bright...


happy monday to all....
1st designer fabrics that I already cut is Flower Shower in Espresso by Michael Miller 

so I try to sew my own make-up pouch.. sbb make-up case yg lame kecik n tak muat nk letak semua dlm satu bekas, hehe.... akhirnya jadilah ini...

green-flower-shower make-up pouch

inside, can put everything inside

bile da buat satu, rasa nk buat lagi.. maka terhasillah ini, tp dlm pink version sbb lining dlm gune fabric pink n zip pun kaler pink.. ade yg berminat?? RM 15 shj... email me k!
pink version flower-shower make-up pouch

inside view

tak cukup dgn 2 make-up pouch, i'm making cute tote set for ur little princess.. its only RM19 (promotion price, original price is RM25)

this set include:
1 small tote (size: 6" x 6")
1 cute hair barrette (size: 3")
1 small rose brooch (size: 1.5")

any enquiries, just email me at 
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